Price List

Nail Services

The powder is an all natural vitamins, herbs, proteins and minerals. Full Set – $35 and Fills-In – $17

A silk fabric is wrapped around the nail to make the nail more durable Full Set = $50 and Fills-In = $35

Gel nails which are created using liquid monomer and polymer powder Full Set = $40 and Fills-In = $27

Pink acrylic nails make your nail colorful and sexy Full Set = $30 and Fills-In = $20

Pink and a white acrylic powder to create a long-lasting French look with Full Set – $40 and Fills-In – $30.

Your nail set with white tip will make it more elegant and sexier.

Your nail set with dipping powder (SNS) style with full set – $40 and Fill-In – $35

Your regular acrylic nail for full set is $25 and fills-in is $17.

Artificial nails are coverings  over fingernails as fashion accessories. Full Set = $25 and Fills-In = $17

We will design your nail sculpture to the design of your request – Full Set – $35 and Fills-In – $17

Manicures & Pedicures

Enjoy this great combination of manicure and pedicure in express style $35

Ready for this combination of manicure and pedicure with massage for $40?

Wow enjoy this deluxe style spa pedicure treatment for just $40

Treat yourself with a nice manicure and looks good for office professionals.

You will enjoy this great nail service for your manicure with deluxe style.

Enjoy yourself with this nice spa pedicure with great massage – $25

Indulgent Packages

Deluxe manicure, deluxe spa pedicure, hot stone massage and Perfectsense Paraffin Treatment.

Deluxe manicure, deluxe spa pedicure and Perfectsense Paraffin Treatment.

Deluxe manicure – deluxe spa pedicure and hot stone massage.

Traditional manicure – spa pedicure and Perfectsence Paraffin treatment.

Traditional manicure – spa pedicure and 30 minutes foot massage.

Additional Services

We have various designs that you can choose from and our technician will design great nail arts for you.

We will completely remove your acrylic set by soak-off with liquid and clean up your nail and buffer it nicely.

We will apply UV Gel Topcoat to your nails to make the best out of it.

We will change any color you’ve selected with polish and topcoat on top to make it nice and professional. Hand: $10 and Toe: $12

If you have any broken or damaged nails, we will fixed it just like original set.

Change polish with French style -Hand:  $15 and Toe: $17

Children Services

Children manicure will  make the kids hands nice and clean $12.

Children spa pedicure will enjoy the treatment for $18.

Children manicure and pedicure combination will have great times $27

Children enjoy this hand polish stand while watching cartoon – $7

Children enjoy this feet polish with different colors to choose from – $10


Want to try our Shellac – Gel Polish for beautiful nails – $25

Enjoy this gel manicure style with great touch to make your nail perfectly clean – $30

Experience the gel pedicure style and enjoy your relaxation with massage – $45

Herbal Pedicures

A relaxing lavender soak, gentle exfoliation with lavender scrub gel, soothing lavender mask

Exotic jewels from the deep seas; Pearl Powder contains over a dozen different minerals and 18 different amino acids.

Detoxify body and mind through an ancient tradition. Enjoy an ancient detoxification method with the On Sen Spa experience.

Potent herbal remedy that soothes stressed skin and aching muscles. Full of antioxidants to ease anxiety and stress

Enjoy the multitude of extraordinary skin-improving benefits of milk. Naturally occuring beta-hydroxy acids

Experience the powerful, healing benefits of green tea. Soak in rich antioxidants, boost your skin’s immunity

This stimulating treatment cools & relaxes stressed out skin while alleviating swollen

A renewing rose soak, gentle exfoliation with rose scrub gel, soothing rose mask, nail reshaping

An aromatic coffee soak, gentle exfoliation with coffee scrub gel, soothing coffee mask, nail reshaping

Waxing Services

You will have your chest hair fully waxed off so you can show that sexy abs and chest at the beach.

You will have your back fully waxed off so you feels sexier when going to beach

You will have your Brazilian style wax to show your sexy bikini suit.

Our technician will perform complete Bikini wax style and should be nice and sexy for the beach.

You will enjoy full arm wax to remove all the hairs for your sexy arms.

Eyebrow waxing will clean and trip off your eyebrow hairs to make the best looking.

Lip wax will trim and remove hairs around your lips to make it sexier when apply lipstick on.

Under Arm wax removes unwanted hairy look to your under arm and feel sexier.

Chin wax will help clean up your chin hairs to make it sexier when you apply make up on.

You will have your whole face wax and clean so you can apply beautiful make-up.

Permanent Make-Up Services

We will apply permanent make-up to your full lip to look natural with color you’ve selected.

We will apply permanent make-up to your lip liner to enhance your natural lip.

We will apply permanent make-up to your Eye Liner to make your eyes look more sexy.

We will apply permanent make-up to y our eyebrow to outline the greatest tone and shape.

Eyelash Services

We will apply each individual eyelash to make it natural and beautiful one by one

We will make your eyelashes look beautiful with this quick and pre-made strip eyelashes.

We use the generic eyelashes extension technique to make your eyelashes look natural.

Massage Services

You will enjoy the half-hour foot massage with our skillful massage therapist.

Ready for your relaxation treatment with this one hour long foot massage?

Enjoy your complete foot and hand massage services you deserve.