• Soak-Off – $5

    We will completely remove your acrylic set by soak-off with liquid and clean up your nail and buffer it nicely.

  • Polish Change(color) -$10

    We will change any color you’ve selected with polish and topcoat on top to make it nice and professional.

  • Polish change(French) -$12

    Learn makeup tips with step by step lessons on applying makeup. Get expert advice to achieve Cinderella’s signature natural makeup look.

  • Eyebrow Wax

    Eyebrows – $12

    Eyebrow waxing will clean and trip off your eyebrow hairs to make the best looking.

  • Lip Wax

    Lip -$7

    Lip wax will trim and remove hairs around your lips to make it sexier when apply lipstick on.

  • Under Arm

    Under Arms – $17

    Under Arm wax removes unwanted hairy look to your under arm and feel sexier.

  • Chin Wax

    Chin -$12

    Chin wax will help clean up your chin hairs to make it sexier when you apply make up on.

  • Full Face

    Full Face – $33

    You will have your whole face wax and clean so you can apply beautiful make-up.

  • Half Arm

    Half Arms – $23

    Your arms will be wax nice and clean half of your arm that you’ve specified.

  • Half Leg

    Half Legs – $30

    You will have your half leg wax nice and clean so you can have that attractive dresses for the party.