• Full Leg

    Full Legs – $45

    Your full leg will be completely wax and clean so you can show your beautiful legs.

  • child pedicure

    Spa Pedicure -$18

    Children spa pedicure will enjoy the treatment for $18.

  • Children Mani & Pedi

    Mani & Pedi -$27

    Children manicure and pedicure combination will have great times $27

  • hand polish

    Hand Polish -$7

    Children enjoy this hand polish stand while watching cartoon – $7

  • feet polish

    Feet Polish -$10

    Children enjoy this feet polish with different colors to choose from – $10

  • manicure

    Manicure – $20

    Treat yourself with a nice manicure and looks good for office professionals.

  • manicure

    Deluxe Manicure -$35

    You will enjoy this great nail service for your manicure with deluxe style.

  • spa pedicure

    Spa Pedicure -$30

    Enjoy yourself with this nice spa pedicure with great massage – $25

  • acrylic

    Acrylic – $30 Up

    Your regular acrylic nail for full set is $30 Up and fills-in is $20 Up.

  • White tip

    White Tips – $30

    Your nail set with white tip will make it more elegant and sexier.